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JIS G3454 Steel Pipes
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We are leading manufacturer and stockist of JIS G3454 steel pipes in China.JIS G3454 steel pipes for Machine Structural Purposes JIS G3454 steel pipes Chemical Composition      GradeDesignationChemical composition %CSiMnPSNb or VGrade 11ASTKM 11A0.120.350.600.0400.040-Grade 12ASTKM 12A0.200.350.600.0400.040-BSTKM 12BCSTKM 12CGrade 13ASTKM 13A0.250.350.30~ 0.900.0400.040-BSTKM 13BCSTKM 13CGrade 14ASTKM 14A0.300.350.30~ 1.000.0400.040-BSTKM 14BCSTKM 14CGrade 15ASTKM 15A0.25~ 0.350.350.30~ 1.000.0400.040-CSTKM 15BGrade 18ASTKM 18A0.180.551.500.0400.040-BSTKM 18BCSTKM 18CGrade 19ASTKM 19A0.250.551.500.0400.040-CSTKM 19CGrade 20ASTKM 20A0.250.551.600.0400.0401.50JIS G3454 steel pipes Mechanical Property      GradeDesignationChemical      composition %Flattening      testBending      testTensile      Strength kgf/mm2 (N/mm2)Yield point      or proof stress kgf/mm2 (N/mm2)Elongation      (%)Distance      between flat parts (D:Outside      diameter)Bend      angleInside      radius (D:Outside diameter)No.11      specimenGrade 11ASTKM 11A30      (294)—351/2 D180°4 DGrade 12ASTKM 12A35      (343)18      (177)352/3 D90°6 DBSTKM 12B40      (392)28      (275)252/3 D90°6 DCSTKM 12C48      (471)36      (353)20———Grade 13ASTKM 13A38      (373)22      (216)302/3 D90°6 DBSTKM 13B45      (441)31      (304)203/4 D90°6 DCSTKM 13C52      (510)39      (382)15———Grade 14ASTKM 14A42      (412)25      (245)253/4 D90°6 DBSTKM 14B51      (500)36      (353)157/8 D90°8 DCSTKM 14C56      (549)42      (412)15———Grade 15ASTKM 15A48      (471)28      (275)223/4 D90°6 DCSTKM 15B59      (579)44      (431)12———Grade 18ASTKM 18A45      (441)28      (275)257/8 D90°6 DBSTKM 18B50      (490)32      (314)237/8 D90?8 DCSTKM 18C52      (510)39      (382)15———Grade 19ASTKM 19A50      (490)32      (314)237/8 D90°6 DCSTKM 19C56      (549)42      (412)15———Grade 20ASTKM 20A55      (539)40      (392)237/8 D90°6      DJIS G3454 steel pipes tolerances on outside diameter      DivisionTolerances on outside diameterNo. 1Under 50 mm0.5 mm50 mm±1%No. 2Under 50 mm±0.25 mm50 mm±0.5%No. 3Under 25 mm±0.12 mm25 mmD
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